Welcome to Fast Invest Armada

This website is a database of information, news and resources for investors who wish to participate in legal actions against Fast Invest. This website was affiliated to www.slowinvestarmada.org, which has been closed recently and is now substituted by this website.

This website is not affiliated with “Facebook Fast Invest – Investors Group”. We have a different strategy to be more effective in our legal actions against Fast Invest by partnering with Magnusson law firm. Magnusson has a proven track record and they know the best way forward to be more successful in this type of complex cross-border litigations. Further details of our strategy are only available to members of Fast Invest Armada.

So who’s behind this site?

The community efforts against Fast Invest are led by a Telegram closed group called the “Fast Invest Legal Action”. This website is one of our communication channels.

After weeks of preparations, collecting information, and selecting a legal partner (Magnusson), the Core Team is in the process of setting up an Estonian non-profit organisation (NPO) to represent its members.

Where to start?

If you want to read more about our strategy and want to participate in this legal action to maximise your chances of getting (some of) your money back, then you must become a member of “Fast Invest Armada” represented in this website by:

  • paying an initial fee of 20Euro to fund the setup of the NPO, this is also the minimum contribution to become a member
  • agreeing to contribute 4.5% of your invested amount/claim in Fast Invest to fund the costs of the legal actions
  • agreeing to assign your claim to the NPO, since claiming from one NPO instead of hundreds of separate claims is more effective
  • documenting your claim by providing different documents from your Fast Invest account
  • register for a Telegram profile and become member of the Fast Invest Legal Action group.
  • and by registering to our website here!

There are several Telegram groups that you can join that are affiliated to this website and you can read/participate in the discussions before you decide to become member of this legal action. The Telegram groups are:

  • Fast Invest P2p Platform Discussion. This chat is dedicated for a general discussion about the Fast Invest P2P platform.
  • Fast Invest Armada. The purpose of this group is to summon investors who are seeking ways of money recovering. One will find information there for requirements and instructions how to join a common legal action. Participants will be granted access to a Telegram private group.
  • Fast Invest Legal Action. This is a closed group for members only. Only people willing to participate in the legal action can become member of this group.

Disclaimer: This website serves as a database of information collected from online resources. The collector of this information is not to be held responsible for its accuracy. In accordance with law, when discussing criminal suspicions which have not yet been proven in court, they are presented as alleged crimes.